collaboration #16

one hour performance
materials: velcro, chop sticks, balloon

performed: November 22nd, 2014, Katana, Nürnberg DE

collaboration #16 consists of three actions. It begins with two performers in the center of a space, which is long and uneven in heights on either end. They begin by holding two strips of conjoined negative and positive velcro. They move apart, backwards, “ripping” the velcro apart. They continue backwards until they reach the wall, turn, and adhere the velcro to prepared oppositevelcor strips on wall. This is repeated nine times.

The two performers begin on opposite sides of the space.One performer begins blowing up a black balloon, while the other begins walking towards her dropping metal chopsticks. When he reaches her, she hands him the full balloon, and he begins sucking the air from the balloon. The other performer begins throwing the chopsticks to the far wall, getting gradually closer to the wall, until she makes a “shower” of sound by throwing the chopsticks fast and constant.