3 hour durational performance

– Begehungen No. 13, TA Lärm , Chemitz DE. 20/21.08.2016
-Sanatorium Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey. IPA – Platform for Young Performance Art. August 24th, 2013.
-Polymer Culture Factory, Dimanche Rouge, Tallinn (EE). October 17th, 2013.

photos by Tim Plagemann

During the several hour-long performance “re-fade”, the artist moves from one side of the fabric to the other. After each step she leaves a three-dimensional trace on the fabric. This trace is created by sawing around each foot and step with great precision, following a set score and choreography. The left over is an installational setting, made out of a fragile, textile material.

These traces or remnants, as well as the performance itself, are representing perceivable modes of bodily presence and its correlation with time and performative action.

Throughout the durational performance, the audience is given time to concentrate on only one specific action, which is carefully, slowly carried out. It is an invitation to witness how time is apparently slowed down, and how silence can be experienced. The performer creates a deceleration, which allows a deepening of focus on each movement and action.

Through repetition, slowness, silence and precise consistency, the performance emphasizes of the awareness on the present moment.

photo by Tim Plagemann