essence of commonness (Wroclaw)


performed: Galeria Entropia within solo exhibition “time takes over”, April/May 2018, Wroclaw PL

4 hour durational performance

“The one thing that we depend on the most, is the one thing we all share.”
Four hours of continuous counting of breath.

1486 breaths in 4 hours.

The artists positions herself in the exhibition space of the gallery and offers the audience to come and go during the time of 4 hours. Audience is invited into a setting where they can rest, relax and just be in the room, sharing the breath with each other, and maybe entering a meditative state together with the artist. The artist is continuously counting her deep and slow breath. While performing, she sits in front of visitors and connects through a focused, clam gaze. After each exhalation, she pronounces the number of the breath. For the duration of four hours the artist remains in the space without interruption and with full concentration. The audience is able to stay, come and goes they wish.

photo and camera: Tim Plagemann