essence of commonness (Wroclaw)

performed: Galeria Entropia within solo exhibition “time takes over”, April/May 2018, Wroclaw PL

4 hour durational performance

“The one thing that we depend on the most, is the one thing we all share.”
4 hours of continuous counting of breath.

The artists positions herself in the exhibition space of the gallery and offers the audience to come and go during the time of 4 hours. In theses 4 hours she is counting her breath. Often sitting in front of a person, and connecting through a focused but calming gaze. Speaking each breath’s number out loud, she reaches 1486 breaths in 4 hours.

Audience was invited into a setting where they could rest, relax and just be in the room, sharing the breath with each other, and maybe entering a meditative state together with the artist. The artist makes eye contact with each person individually, over a certain period of time, and facilitates the entering of an empty state of mind.

photo and camera: Tim Plagemann