present/presence (earth)

Intervention, Installation, Photography
– exhibition view: June 2019, Notgalerie, Vienna AT
– exhibition view: October 2018, Palac Morawa, Morawa PL

“present/presence” is an ongoing project visualizing the natural, transformative and ephemeral characteristics of a resource after an intervention by the artist. The title refers to Henri Lefebvre’s hypothesis (in Rhythmanalysis, 1992) about the common confusion of “presence” (not being able to be represented, and only able to be experienced in the very moment) and “present” (sometimes seeming to be “presence”, but actually representing the presence through,

For “present/presence (earth)” she removed grass in the shape of “NOW” in front of the exhibiting institution. Once it was covering the entire floor of the exhibition room, so audience had to walk over it, another time it was placed in the gallery space in a geometric form.
The dried grass is still decaying in the archive of the artist.

The work in Morawa PL was realized during the international Art Symposium “Bylo, Jest i Bedzie” ( It was, it is, and it will be”) organized by Academy of fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 
The realisation was possible through partial support of Federal Chancellery Austria – Section Art