present/presence (body)

– “It was, it is and it will be”, group exhibition, 09. 2018, Palac Morawa,  PL 
– LITR, Art and Literature Festival Olomouc, 09. 2018, Olomouc CZ
– Wechselraum, within exhibition of Ulrike Mohr, 11.2018, Wildbad Rothenburg, DE 


In this performance the word “now” or “ted'” (czech word for now) the performer is in close dialogue with one audience member at a time, to exchange about their individual perception of time, of memory, or of their current state of mind. It might be at the book fair, the opening of an exhibition, or the 24 hour setting of an event such as Wechselraum, where Jasmin Schaitl performed this work.

During this dialogue, the artist asks the opposite person, if she can press one object on his/her lower arm, while talking. Through the haptic touch of the object, during the dialogue, the haptic sense is activated, and the performance is experienced on nut just the visual or sonic level. On the other side of the pressed object, it is written “now” in the form of a stamp, and therefore leaves an imprint on the skin of the person, which is fading over time.