(speak) lines



performed: Galeria Entropia, April 2018, Wroclaw PL
3 hour durational live performance

The performer pulls down a thread, continuously over 1 hour.
In the meantime she tells the story about how to begin a story and how to end a story. The difficulty to stay focused on just one thing, is resembled through the focus on the thread-line which interweaves and overlayers itself again and again, until the line of thought is becoming more and more incomprehensible.

The line as the line of thought.

The distance between the hand and the end of the thread line, as a symbol for staying in the moment, in the present, as a concious and determined act. Always carefully aware of each change and each moment, always following the end of the line, to preserve the preciousness of each moment and its continuity.


photos by Tim Plagemann