(speak) volumes

3 part installation: sculpture/drawing/performance
materials: thread, glue, paper, ink-pen
SeMA Nanji Exhibition Hall, Seoul South Korea 2017

(speak) volumes consists of 3 parts, culminating in a installation: a live-size thread sculpture, ink-pen drawings, and a live-performance.

The 3 parts urge for a balance between, and open up possibilities of: the presence and the absence of body. It follows the idea of the line as the basic medium for creation. In the sculpture, the line defines the outline of the figure, and highlights the emptiness within. In the drawing, it deines the occupied space by the body through filling the surrounding of it.

In the performance, the line is the continuous time-thread binding the audience together with the performer, and letting the “melting of body through time” be directly experienced by the viewers.

supported by
SeMA NANJI Residency, Seoul South Korea, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Österreichische Botschaft in Seoul