MOMENT (Full Moon Project)

ongoing monthly act, since May 2019
repeated action on each full moon
black ink on canvas

This is an ongoing project on the research of the line as an accomanying element in daily life and routine, connected with the rhythm of the moon cylce. Every 28 days on full moon, the artist lies a thread, that was prior dipped in ink, and is in the length of her body with extended arm, on the same piece of fabric. The line is then pressed and thus copied directly onto squared pieces of fabric and handed out to people that witness this performative intervention. Each square piece is titled with MOMENT, the date of the line and the name of the artist.

This big piece of fabric travels with the artist everywhere she goes. When realizing the full moon line on the full moon day, the artist shares this performative intervention with every person that is present in the same space/room/residency/gallery, thus giving away one of the copied pieces of small fabric to each person, as a remnant of the shared time together.

The fabric pieces are named “MOMENT” and are an invitation to the witness to take time and patience to revisit a memorable memory of the last month, in their own mind, in silence. The line thus represents their reconstruction of this memory, and brings it back into the present moment, therefore revealing and re-creating the positive feedback such processes have on our own mind. 

This performative work, is an ongoing and growing piece of art of the artist and will continue as long as there is space on the piece of fabric (2,5 x 4 meters).