two-part installation, 2011
Ausser Betrieb#3, University of applied Arts, Vienna AT

This installation consists of two parts, is placed in two rooms and connected through a live video- image. The first part constists of a small one-person white box with a mirror and headphones. A meditative voice is leading the gaze of the person to an intensive self-observation. Directly behind the mirror is a hidden camera (not know by the person watching him/herself), which transmitts the self-viewing gaze to another room.
The gaze of the person viewing him/herself in the mirror is now transmitted to other persons in other rooms. therefore the gaze looses its original receiver (the person him/herself). Which emotional feelings elaborate throughout this situation between observer and self- observer? Is there a difference in how we look at ourselfs and how we look to others?

Fotos by Bastian Schwind