2 hour performance

 TENT Museum, Rotterdam 20.07.2011
– Kunst en Complex, Rotterdam 18.07.2011
– AGORA, Berlin 10.03.2012

The original performance was performed for a live-streaming from Kunst&Complex over the webpage of Bildetage. These videos were also accompanying the performance while seeing the live-stream on the internet.

The performance aims to allegorize the process of acquiring and releasing material possessions. The black tape is a symbolic connection to our roots (e.g. country of origin, family, culture). They affect how far we come in life in terms of acquiring physical and social capital.

Therefore the white radiuses depict the reach of our potential paths in life. On one hand the black tape places us in an interdependent responsibility with our roots. On the other the white tape defines our range of motion affected by the growing physical and social capital.

Through the release of these (im)material possessions, we reclaim our natural scope for development. What remains is our skin – the last which we can always call our own.

A cooperation of Bildetage (AUT) and TENT (NL).

Fotos © Klaus Bock