January – March 2023
Mentoring the artistic performative work of Verena Frauenlob
presentation 24.3. – 26.3. at Tanz*Hotel, Artist at Restort Term 21
Tanz*Hotel, Vienna AT

October and November 2022
of public events of the final research project WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER together with Charlotta Ruth (SE/AT), Angewandte Performance Laboratory Vienna

22. October Krõõt Juurak & Jasmin Schaitl 13.00-17.00 @ APL Studio


Volume of emotion/ time, (Dis)comfort, Dialogue, Memory, Zone

24.Sept – 06.Nov 2022
Exhibition of Jasmin Schaitl and Matej Frank with site specific works
Galerie města Blanska
Blansko, CZ
curated by: Jolana Chalupová, Júlia Chodúrová

11.-18. November 2022 Vienna (AT) 
S MOM. Overload

New Videoperformance

21. June – 2. October 2022
site-specific work “present/presence (earth)”

24 – 29. May 2022
SUPERMARKET Art Fair Stockholm
represented by Galeria Altan Klamovka, Prague CZ
curator Lenka Sykorová

Nov 2 – Dec 8. 2021

solo exhibition
at Altán Klamovka Gallery, Pr

Sept 10 – 12. 2021
performance at Festival of Naked Forms, 7th edition
Praha 7 – Holešovice, Prague CZ
curated by Lenka Klodová

Sept 9 – 26. 2021
group exhibition at Festival 4+4 dny v pohybu
26th International Festival of Contemporary Art 4+4 DAYS IN MOTION, Prague CZ

July 17 – August 31. 2021
opening of group exhibition at Továrna
Litultovice CZ

March 19, 2021
Art School Pedagogy 2.0
Jasmin was leading a Featured Topic Discussion Group in the online Zoomposia at the
Art and Art Education Program, Teachers College, Columbia University (USA)

January 12, 2021,
radio interview
Tanz die Semiotik!  Oder: Der Körper als Kommunikator
by Paul Lohberger on Austrian Radio Ö1
Interview w/ Jasmin about The Touch Can Tell @ Ö1 Radio
It will be broadcasted on Radio Ö1 on 12.01.2021 at 19:05 – German only

January 05, 2021
with a line #02 – listening to touch, online-participatory performance,
w/Christian Schröder (AT)
organised by im_flieger, Vienna AT

December 02 – 12, 2020
Residency at im_flieger, w/Christian Schröder
Vienna AT

October 16 – 18, 2020
The Touch Can Tell, performance, w/Tereza Silon in collaboration with Imani Rameses
Tanz*Hotel, Artist at Resort Term 17, mentored by Bert Gstettner
Tanz*Hotel, Vienna AT

October 11, 2020
Performances for the Mind, Handlungsanweisungen zum Imaginieren im wechselnden Raum
online Live Performance, within Wechselraum Project of Ulrike Mohr
Berlin, DE

September, 2020
participation in international symposium of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wroclaw
It was, it is, it will be. Beautiful times.
online international symposium, with publication of catalogue

July – October, 2020
Residency with Tereza Silon
at Tanz*Hotel AAR Term 17
Tanz*Hotel, Vienna AT

August 15 – October 25, 2020
GEGENWARTEN I PRESENCES, Private Collectors Room
Group Exhibition, KLUB SOLITAER e.V.,
Chemnitz, DE

June 12 – August 23, 2020
Dream of the day,
Group Exhibition at Art Belt in Soje-dong
curated by Suejin Shin and Lamplab
Daejeon, South Korea

October 16, 2019 – March 16, 2020
Seitenweise Kunst III,
group exhibition at Stadtbibliothek,
Mainz DE

Dec 02, 2019 – January 15, 2020
exhibition “Entering Continuities”,
duo works of Jasmin Schaitl and Matěj Frank
at Pragovka Gallery, Prague CZ

January 21, 2020, 18:30
artist talk and book presentation Jasmin Schaitl and Matej Frank about their recently published Catalogue  “Entering Continuities”, ATHENA-Verlag Oberhausen.
Depot, Vienna AT
Book is for sale: online available here 

January 13, 2020, 17:00
Book Presentation at ArtMap Prague
Entering Continuities. Matěj Frank and Jasmin Schaitl

January 11, 2020, 18:30
repeating now, new solo performance
within “Entering Continuities” at Pragovka Gallery
Prague CZ

January 11, 2020, 14:00-16:00
Workshop “line(s) in our bodies” within the exhibition programme of “Entering Continuities” , at Pragovka Gallery, Prague CZ

Dec 15, 2019
Artist & Curators Talk in “Entering Continuities”
Pragovka Gallery, Prague CZ

Dec 12, 2019
Workshop “Feedback Sessions I”, Seminar about Methods of Feedback in the Visual Arts, Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, PL

December 02, 2019 –  January 15, 2020
Entering Continuities. 
Duo-Exhibition opening at
Pragovka Gallery
Kolbenova, Prague, CZ

November 22, 2019
The Touch Can Tell; synaesthetic intimate memory
Performance showing with Tereza Silon
supported by i-portunus
Cross Attic, Prague CZ

November 4 – 28, 2019
map/territory, group exhibition, Academy of Art and Design Wroclaw,
Wroclaw, PL

November 10 -24, 2019
residency with Tereza Silon
supported by i-portunus, Creative Europe Grant
Cross Attic, Prague CZ

one month artist in residence at MoKS,
Mooste, Estonia 

September 17, 2019
commissioned performance for
Vienna, AT

June 22 & 23
Workshop and Intervention with Participants in public space
at Notgalerie, in Aspern Seestadt, Vienna AT
info here

June 17, 2019
titled: with a line #01
fist performance showing of new work in progress
at Tender Steps Residency Showing of Raw Matters
at Arbeitsplatz, Vienna AT

June 9 and ongoing
site-specific Intervention / Exhibition in open space
‘present/presence (earth)’ in front of Notgalerie
in the frame of Matej Franks Scultpure-Opening
at Notgalerie, Seestadt Aspern, Vienna AT
first info here

June 2019
3 week Residency at Raw Matters, Tender Steps
Arbeitsplatz Vienna, AT

May 18
new solo performance “untitled with thread #02”
at Performance Crossings,
International Performance Art Festival
Prague CZ
more here

May 8, 2019
present/presence (body) one to one performance
at ZABIH International Performance Festival Lviv, Ukraine

May 03 – 05
Performance Workshop “line(s) in our bodies” led by Jasmin at Performance Festival ZABIH, Lviv Ukraine

26. & 27. April 2019
„line(s) in our bodies“, 2 day PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP
by Jasmin Schaitl (AT) at Gängeviertel e.V.
Hamburg Germany

23.April 2019
Jasmin was awarded the *BlauLAUT Prize for interdisziplinary Art, by
Laudatio by Nele Lipp and video projection of “(speak) volumes”, 2017
within the event week: Valises et Passages – Temporärer Raum für
Wechselwirkung der Künste,
23. – 27. April, Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg DE

19.April 2019
“present/presence (body)” one-on-one performance 19:00-22:00
during projectcycle Haben und Brauchen in Wien,
Niños Consentidos Festival 6
Künstlerhaus 1050 Vienna AT

28. March 2019
“present/presence (body)”, durational one-on-one performance 
at La Cueva (Academy of fine Arts, Vienna, Soundlabor)
Vienna, AT

02.March 2019
Videoscreening and presentation of Transcultural Art Lab 2018, Juist Germany
in Tbilisi, Georgia, at the Goethe Institute
(Jasmin led the Performance-Art Workshop for a 2 weeks programme at TAL 2018)
Here is the video of TAL 2018

08.January 2019
Verwirrte Verwirrung / Confusao com Fusa
what: Live Performance (co-performer of performance by Ruth Mateus-Berr)
Realtime Composition/Interactive Soundinstallation and Performance for and with “Archiv der Verwirrungen”
where: Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna AT

31.Aug 2018 – 25.January 2019
Man muss das Leben tanzen – Kunst. Körper. Tanz. Wechselbeziehungen
what: participation in group exhibition, curated by Elisabeth Schilling and Manfred Geis
where: Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Mainz DE

23/24. November 2018
Wechselraum 2018
invited by Ulrike Mohr to intervene performatively with and within her exhibition
Wildbad Rothenburg, DE

5. – 18. November
ADATA AiR, artist residency ECOC Plovdiv
residency website
in Plovdiv BG,
European Capital of Culture 2019

15. – 29. October
 Tutor in Transcultural Art Lab (TAL) 2018 Design your Utopia
what: Performance Art Tutor 2 week intensive Art Lab
where: Juist Island, Germany

21. Sept – 26. Oct
entering continuities. spící kresby/sleeping drawings, duo exhibition, Olomouc CZ
what: new duo works, duo exhibition w/Matej Frank
where: -xy gallery

27.Aug – 26.October
“Było, Jest i Będzie vol.II”, Exhibition, Palac Morawa, Morawa PL
what: participation & Exhibition after 10 days Symposium on site

Pelzverkehr“, Festival für Tanz und Performance, Klagenfurt AT
what: solo durational performance “untitled with thread #01”
where: k.e._theaterHALLE 11, Klagenfurter Ensemble, 19:00 – 22:00

Workshop “line(s) in our body”. Pelzverkehr. Klagenfurt, AT
at Kunstverein Kärnten, Klagenfurt AT 17:00-21:00,

25. – 27.Sept
“Interakcje”, Performance Art Festival PL
what: “present/presence (air)”, live performance
where: Galeria OFF, Piotrków Trybunalski PL

man muss das leben tanzen…“, Group Exhibition , Mainz DE
what: exhibiting “volume #02”
where: Akademie der Wissenschaften Mainz

16. – 19.Aug
Beyond plots“, Begehungen, Art & Culture Festival, Chemnitz DE
what: performance “circulate”, J.Schaitl & Laura Oriol

15.June – 8.Sept
“Fashion. WOW! Mode als Statement”, Villach AT
Group Exhibition, Galerie der Stadt Villach

20.June – 27.July
“Entropia rośnie v.3.0.”,  Performance & Group Exhibition, Wroclaw PL
Galeria, Wroclaw, PL

Live Performance at “entropia rosnie 3.0.”
walk from Galeria Entropia to MWW, Wroclaw PL

May 27th 2018 Workshop @Wasserturm, Windtenstraße 3, 1100 Wien
Performance-Workshop „Flow in time“ 

In diesem Workshop wird die Künstlerin Jasmin Schaitl ihre performative Herangehensweise an das Arbeiten mit Zeit in Performance, durch verschiedene Übungen vermitteln. Wichtig ist hierbei die Offenheit für Kollaborationen, grosse Experimentierfreudigkeit und das Interesse an und mit einem der Grundsteine unseres Daseins zu arbeiten: der Zeit.

May 15th 2018 @ University of Applied Arts, Workshop

facebook-info here
15.05.2018, 15:00-20:00, Seminarraum 24 (VZA3)
“line(s) in our body” 
In diesem Workshop wird die Linie als Ausgangspunkt für performative Aktionen und Kollaborationen stehen. Im Zentrum steht das Thema der Achtsamkeit auf den eigenen Körper, dessen Einsatz, Bewegungsabläufe und zwischenmenschliche Arten der Kommunikation. Durch eigenes Erfahren von performativen Übungen zur Sensibilisierung der eigenen Sinne, werden praxisorientierte Experimente entwickelt, die die eigene künstlerische Arbeit einerseits erweitern und auch vertiefen können.
Es sind keine Performance Kenntnisse notwendig. 

April 25th – May 11th 2018
time takes overBildschirmfoto 2018-04-16 um 20.25.56
solo exhibition

Opening: 25.4. 18:00
25.4. 18:00-21:00
26.4. 16:00-20:00
27.4. 16:00-20:00
Artist Talk
08.05.2018 18:00

at Entropia Gallery,
Wroclaw PL
with the kind support of AustrianCultural Forum Warsaw, and Austrian Federal Chancellery.

April 29th 2018
@ Bunkier Sztuki

Info here (in polish only)

29.04.2018 (niedziela), godz. 13
line(s) in bodies – warsztaty Jasmin Schaitl

Warsztaty przygotowane przez austriacką performerkę Jasmin Schaitl koncentrują się na  tworzeniu widzialnych i niewidzialnych relacji pomiędzy ludzkim ciałem a otoczeniem. Zwykłe nici krawieckie oraz czas mają stanowić podstawowe narzędzia służące do zaznaczania zmian w przestrzeni, co można rozpatrywać w kontekście twórczości takich artystów jak np. La Monte Young (Compositions 1960), Nam June Paik (Zen for Head) czy Pauline Oliveros. Zajęcia przeznaczone są dla wszystkich osób zainteresowanych eksperymentami ruchowymi i pracą z ciałem – nie trzeba mieć żadnego doświadczenia w dziedzinie sztuk performatywnych.

Zapisy: Karol Gromek,

April 15th, 2018, 14:00-19:00
Performance Workshop, Wroclaw

facebook event here 

Address: IP Studio, Ruska 46A IV p., 50-079 Wroclaw PL

A performance workshop with 3 artists:
Jasmin Schaitl, Dominika K. Borkowska, Kamila E. Wolszczak

working language: polish and english
participants: max. 20
cost: 80 zloty per person
reserve your place:

January 23th – 31st 2018

silence matters. artistic approaches towards awareness
curator and organizer of interdisciplinary performance and exhibition project
Angewande Innovation Lab, AIL Vienna, 1010 AT


December 21 – 31st 2017 

ARTBNB International Artist in Residence Program at HaMiffal, Jerusalem
HaMiffal Centre for Culture and Art,
intensive week of art activities and exchange with local and international artists

December 7th

exhibition with live-performance from Jasmin Schaitl
Freiraum, Museumsquartier Vienna, AT
and Catalogue presentation of transfashional

Nov 15 until Dec 15
Residency at The Brno House of Arts

Nov 10
essence of commonness
durational solo performance, 4 hours
Performance Platform Lublin Festival
Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, PL

Nov 3 – 7

participation in workshop with Marilyn Arsem
as part of Performance Platform Lublin
Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, PL
thanks to Austrian Cultural Forum, Warsaw

October 1

site-specific performance
Voyeurs, Zona Dymanic,
Schlegelstraße 6, 10115 Berlin
Berlin Art Week, Berlin DE

23 July until 25 September

artist residency
SeMA NANJI Artist Residency, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul South Korea
with the kind support of the Austrian Embassy Seoul, and the Austrian Federal Chancellery Section Art

September 18
Nanji 11th international Artist Group Exhibition
SeMA NANJI Residency Exhibition
exhibition and performance by Jasmin Schaitl
SeMA Nanji Exhibtion Hall, 108-1, Haneulgongwon-ro,, Mapo-gu,

July 21
connected balance
new durational solo performance
at Konteksty, International Festival of Ephemeral Art in Sokolowsko, Poland curated by Malgorzata Sady,
In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation

July 15
performance developed during klub solitair e.V. residency in the context of Sonnenberg Viertel public space intervention with audience

July 1 – 15
residency and performances
Dialogfelder Kunst- und Performanceprojekt im Öffentlichen Raum
klub solitär, Chemnitz, DE

June 26 – July 4

entering continuities
exhibition Opening Mo. 26th June 18:00
Artist Talk and tour through exhibition 27th June, 15:00-18:00
exhibition with works developed in collaboration with Matěj Frank
Matiční Dům, Opava, CZ
with the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Praha and Bludny Kamen

June 29
one-on-one performance, 18:00-21:00
at DOPUST Open Days of Performance, Vienna
Gallery Michaela Stock, Schleifmühlgasse, Vienna AT

June 20
The line in our body, the line in architecture
Approaches through awareness

during and for DOPUST Open Days of Performance,
Gallery Michaela Stock, Schleifmühlgasse, Wien
organized by HUFAK die Angewandte, Vienna

June 19
performancevideo screening
at RAW Matters
a collaborative project by Jasmin Schaitl, Laura Oriol (FR/US) with Monika Rabofsky
idea, movement concept: Jasmin Schaitl, Laura Oriol
video concept: Monika Rabofsky
19:30, Schikaneder, 1040 Wien

June 12
Wir wollen das
group exhibition
curated by Nina Fountedakis
AA Collections Gallery, Burggasse 68, Wien

May 19
Excuse my Dust Series – extended
performance / collaboration
at group exhibition “transfashional lab”
collaboration with Christina Raab for her “Excuse my Dust Series”
new performance at CCA Center of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, PL
curated by Dobrila Denegri
with the kind support of the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Univ. of applied Arts Vienna, Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw

May 6
solo performance
Wroclaw, Poland

April 7 
solo performance
at Ninos Consentidos Festival Wien, Experimentelles und Interdisziplinäres Kunstfestival, Brick 5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Wien

March 4
New durational one-on-one Performance at International Symposium Draw to Perform 4
Saturday from 14:00-17:00 at Farbica, Brighton UK
Curator Ram Samocha
Fabrica. 40 Duke Street, Brighton
with the kind support of Austrian Cultural Forum London and Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

March 5
Workshop at Draw to Perform 4 Symposium
“The line in our body, the line in architecture”
at Fabrica, info and booking of the workshop:

February 2-10
collaboration at PAF-Performing Arts Forum, in St. Erme (FR), with Laura Oriol (US/FR)
showing on 8th February 19:00, Studio St. Louise
with the kind support of Austrian Cultural Forum Paris.

January 19
Collaboration: Wechselraum
Performance at Projektraum Deutscher Künstlerbund
within the exhibition of Ulrike Mohr
in collaboration with the space, her work and William Costa


Dec 6
Permiere, WUK, Saal, 20:00

concept: Jasmin Schaitl, William “Bilwa” Costa
Performance, Choreography: Nanina Kotlowski, Elisabeth Schilling, Jasmin Schaitl
Sound: William “Bilwa” Costa
with the kind support of: WUK, Bildrecht GmbH, BAINS Connective Brussels, Austrian Federal Chancellery, and Arbeitsplatz Wien. Within the frame of Huggy Bears Evening

Dec 10-17
official artistic blog writer for
Venice International Performance Art Week curated by VestandPage

October 22, 23 and 29, 30
Workshop Performance as Practice III
Univeristy of applied Arts, Vienna, co led by Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa

September 1 – October 15
residency at BAINS Connective, Brussels
with the kind support of the Austrian Federal Chancellery

October 15
tasks | Brussels, at BAINS Connective, Theater Weyngaert
w/ Bilwa, Elisabeth Schilling and participants
September 24
site-relative performance
one week residency at Szenne Art Lab

September 17/18
new duo performance by Jasmin and Bilwa
CREATurE Performance Art Festival, Kaunas Lithuania

August 18-21
re-fade, solo performance
TA Lärm, Begehungen No.13, Kunstfestival Chemnitz DE

July 14 and 16
focus (phase II)
in collaboration with Elisabeth Schilling and William “Bilwa” Costa
frisch eingetroffen, Plattform an der Schnittstelle zwischen Tanz, Theater und Performance Art, Mannheim DE zeitraumexit

June 17,18,19
Performance as Practice, workshop/lab
WUK Museum, with the kind support of Huggy Bears/Superamas

June 11
tasks | Innsbruck
at Freies Theater Innsbruck
performance June 11th, 2016
curated by Vorbrenner

April 14
tasks | Ostrava
PLATO Gallery, Ostrava CZ
curated by Martin Klimes
tasks | Ostrava is supported by:
Austrian Cultural Forum Prague, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Bludny Kamen, PLATO

March 8
sharing the practice | Superamas programme
Brut, imagetanz

March 19
Performance within exhibition “L’Intru (Invaders)”
curated by Ana Mendes
at LAGE EGAL, Danzigerstrasse 45, Berlin

February 15
Sound Performance
Experimontag, Madame Claude
Lübbener Str. 19, 10997 Berlin
Free Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

February 6 and 7
Workshop: Performance as Practice
Mime Centrum Berlin, Mariannenpl. 2, 10997 Berlin


Dec 3-5
tasks | Vienna
Concept & structure by: Jasmin Schaitl & William “Bilwa” Costa
Scores, choreography and performance by: Michaela Dueñas-Vega, Jasmin Schaitl, William “Bilwa” Costa, and Anne Glassner
Tanz*Hotel Wien, Zirkusgasse 35, Wien

Nov 26 and 27
tasks | Bregenz
Concept and structure: Jasmin Schaitl & William “Bilwa” Costa
Scores, choreography and performance by: Jasmin Schaitl, William “Bilwa” Costa, Elisabeth Schilling, Fabrizio Belzoff.
Nov 26 Thursday: 20:30
Nov 27 Friday: 19:00
Bildraum Bodensee, Bregenz, AT, curated by Bert Gstettner

September 20 until October 20
collaboration: time(s)
Installation as part of the group exhibition “before/now/later”
Gottfrei, Krnovská 13, 746 01 Opava, Czech Republic
with the kind support of Austrian Cultural Forum Prague

Oct 28 – Nov 8
performance and installations, curated by Sofía Carrillo
Muestra de Arte Actual, Traducir en acción. Dibujo en Proceso.
Ex Teresa de Arte Actual,
Mexico City, MX
with the kind support of the Bundeskanzleramt, Austrian Cultural Forum Mexico, Amexcid

Sept 5
tasks | Berlin
KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin
Concept & structure by: Jasmin Schaitl & William “Bilwa” Costa
Scores, choreography and performance by: Fabricio Belzoff (BR/DE), Phoebe Brown (UK), William “Bilwa” Costa (US), Göksu Kunak (TR/DE), Emily Ranford (AU/DE), Jasmin Schaitl (AT), Elisabeth Schilling (DE/UK), Christian Konrad Schröder (AT), Ieva Savickaitė (LT)
Curated by: N. Wiese and M. Renkel

September 16, 17
collaboration: 2 time(s)
Gottfrei, Krnovská 13, 746 01 Opava, Czech Republic,
with the kind support of Austrian Cultural Forum Prague

July 23
two solo performances
Mainzerstrasse 7, Neukölln, Berlin

August 4-17
residency at Tanz*Hotel
for developing tasks, performance Sept 5, Berlin

June 20
collaboration #22
FWD Festival, Switzerland CH

July 3-5
collaboration #23
Brise 3, Flensburg/Aabenraa DE

May 1-29
residency at SERDE
Aizpute, LV

May 12
collaboration #21
NODE Gallery, Helsinki FI

April 20
Raw Matters, Schikaneder, Vienna AT

March 24 
Collective 三 (3)
III (1) at PERFORMATIK Festival
KAAI Theater, Brussels

March 6
collaboration #20
H-O-T Mascher Space, Philadelphia, US

February 27 and 28
Performance as Practice | Intensive Performance Workshop
FIDGET | Philadelphia

February 26
collaboration #19
Vox Populi Gallery | AUX | Philadelphia

February 20/21
collaboration #18
Tinderbox | Mobius | Boston

February 12
collaboration #17

USA Tour with the Performance Series collaboration
w/ Bilwa
with the kind support of the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

January 31 and February 1
collective 三 (3) | Workshop at TATWERK, Berlin
facebook event
Hasenheide 9
Neukölln, Berlin

January 19 until 25
collective 三 (3) | residency at Tanzfabrik Berlin

January 23
collective 三 (3) | Showing 16:00, Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin
Admission free
more infos


november 18 until november 23
residency at Katana, Nürnberg
performance collaboration #16 and artist talk, w/Bilwa

november 14 until november 17
Co-leading workshop at the University of applied Arts Vienna
“Performance as Practice”, led by William “Bilwa” Costa

november 3 until november 8
tempting failure
performance festival, bristol, uk
collaboration: failure
one week residence | performances w/bilwa
with the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum London

october 21 until 31
at workspacebrussels
with 三 (3) Akemi Nagao, William “Bilwa” Costa, Jasmin Schaitl

with the kind support of Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels

october 29
||| (1)
performance/showing at Kaaitheater Living
Square Sainctelette 20, Bruxelles
with 三 (3) Akemi Nagao, William “Bilwa” Costa, Jasmin Schaitl
in collaboration with workspacebrussels

october 7 and 8
sense and experience
2-day performance workshop at Galeria Raczej

co-lead with Bilwa
18:00-21:00 each day
ul.Głogowska 53 (budynek w bramie/in the backyard)
60-738 Poznań, Poland

with the kind support of Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw

october 10
collaboration #15

Monthly Programm Perfex of Galeria Raczej
Performances start: 19:00
Galeria Raczej, ul. Głogowska 53 Poznań, PL

with the kind support of Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw

article collaboration #15 – pl
article about collaboration #15 – at PERFEX programme in October 2014
Galeria Raczej, Poznan Poland

article – dt 
article about one of my performances, June 2013 in Vienna

september 27
collaboration #13
performance at quiet cue
Flughafenstr. 38, Berlin

september 20
at Gelegenheiten
Weserstrasse 50, Berlin

july and august 2014
performance tour
collaboration #14 – Estonia, Finland
Tour supported by Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Austrian Embassy in Tallinn (EE) and Austrian Embassy in Helsinki (FI)

august 15
finland performance tour, 2014
collaboration #14
XL art space, Helsinki, (FI)

august 19
finland performance tour, 2014
collaboration #14
3h+k, Pori, (FI)

august 23
finland performance tour, 2014
collaboration #14
B-Gallery, Turku, (FI)
august 27
finland performance tour, 2014
collaboration #14
third space, Helsinki (FI)

august 16, press article
Satakunnan Kansa (Pori) Online Review and Article with video – Newspaper – Pori
in finnish

july 30, press article
online article, tartu, about collaboration #14
in estonian

august 1 until 14, 2014
at Ptarmigan, Tallinn, (EE)

august 2, 2014
collaboration #14, Ptarmigan, Tallinn, (EE)

august 8. 9. and 10
sense and experience
three-day intensive performance art workshop sense and experience apply here

july 1 until 31, 2014
at TARTU AiR, New Tartu Theatre, EE
during this residency, Jasmin Schaitl together with William “Bilwa” Costa, will develop their next duo-performance collaboration #14. The performance will premiere at Tartu New Theater on July 30th, 19:00.
Thanks to Noor-Eesti Loomekeskus, Creative Center Carnation, and Tartu Artists’ Union House

july 16, 2014
(excerpt) collaboration #14, Moks, Mooste, EE

july 26, 2014
impression, BRISE°2 Performance Festival, Flensburg, DE
july 30, 2014
collaboration #14, Premiere, Tartu New Theater, Tartu (EE)
june 25, 2014 
on-site coordinator
of what remains? performances of students from the workshop Performance as Practice, led by William “Bilwa” Costa, at the University of applied Arts, Vienna

june 12, 2014
collaboration #12, das weisse haus, Jahresgabenausstellung, Vienna

may 31 and june 7, 2014
co-leading the semester-workshop with Bilwa “Performance as Practice: Solo and Collaborative Development”, at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT)

april 27, 2014
Co- (in 3 parts), nadaLokal, Vienna (AT)

with: William “Bilwa” Costa, Jasmin Schaitl, Camila Seeger, Elisabeth Schilling, Edith Mendoza Pacheco, Franziska Koppensteiner
april 18/19, 2014 
collaboration #11, Kura Festival, Kutna-Hora Sedlec (CZ)
april 13 until 17, 2014
at CELLA Galeria, Opava (CZ)
april 16, 2014
performance and exhibition
LINES, exhibition opening and performance (collaboration:lines) by Bilwa and Jasmin, CELLA Galeria (CZ)
march 14, 2014
collaboration #10, 3 duo’s, an evening of performance, Schneiderhof, Vienna (AT)
march 4, 2014
三 (3), Echo, Grüntaler Strasse 9, Wedding, Berlin, start: 20:30


december 30, 2013: imposition #03, pier at Kadiköy, Istanbul

december 05. – 08. : Vienna LABseries
LAB Plakat
Participating Artists:
05.12. – Anna-Sofia Sysser (FI)
06.12. – Roberta Orlando (IT) Performance 18:00-21:00
07.12. – Alicia Radage (GB)
08.12. – William “Bilwa” Costa (US) & Jasmin Schaitl (AT)

november 1: Live-Video Performance
UNWRAP #04, ACTS-laboratory for performance practices, Oslo (NO)

november 15, 16 & 17: WORKSHOP sense and experience
Intensive performance art workshop co-lead by William “Bilwa” Costa and Jasmin Schaitl
everyday from 10:00 – 18:00
@ Synkoop, Venediger AU, Vienna (AUT)

november 19: sound map 5.0
@ Echo Bücher, Wedding, Berlin (DE)

november: collaboration #07
@ AGORA collective, Mittelweg, Neukölln, Berlin (DE)
november 30: collaboration #08
im_flieger, artist in residency – presentation, Vienna (AUT)

october 2013

October 3 “the sticking point – exteded”
performance, with William “Bilwa” Costa @ Free Space Festival, Ulrichgasse 1, Vienna (AUT)

October 4
Group Exhibition, opening: 18:00
@ Bildetage, Barichgasse 6/1, 1030 Vienna (AUT)

october 6 “ #04
with Bilwa @ Apartman Projesi Brln
Hertzbergstr13, 12055, Neukölln, Berlin (GER)

october 7
with bilwa, stina nilsson , aya imamura, akemi nagao and irene @ Tatwerk
Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin (GER)

october 8
sound performance with bilwa
@ Madame Claude, Lübbener Straße 19, Berlin

october 17re-fade
19:00 – 22:00 @ Dimanche Rouge Festival, Polymer Culture Factory, Tallinn (EST)

october 18: #02 @ Ptarmigan, Tallinn (EST)

october 20: collaboration #05, 11:00-14:00 @ Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki (FI)

october 28: fraction
Raw Matters, with “bilwa”, Schikaneder, Vienna (AUT)

october 30: collaboration #06
UBIK Space, Vienna (AUT)

september 27
“imposition #01”
with Willliam “Bilwa” Costa
Free Space Festival, Vienna (AUT)
various Performance actions in public space
starting @ 18:30 U4 Friedensbrücke, downstairs near the water/donaukanal

27th and 28th Aug
collaboration #03
Three-Hour Performance
@ Grüntaler9
Grüntaler Straße 9, 13357 Berlin

24th August
3 hour Performance by Jasmin Schaitl
IPA-Performances Platform for Young Performance Art
@ Sanatorium Gallery, Istanbul

22th August 2013
2 hours Performance by Alicia Radage and Jasmin Schaitl
@ MIXER Gallery, Istanbul
within the Platform of Young Performance Art Istanbul
IPA Summer 2013

August 11th – August 25th 2013 in Istanbul
Workshops, Platform for Young Performance Artists and Conference about teaching Performance Art

Travel granted by ECF – European Cultural Foundation.
7th august, from 12:00 to 20:00
“arranging pace”, 9 hour durational performance
is.m | improvised sound.movement
mini.festival | august 1 – 7, 2013
mo.ë | thelemangasse 4/1 | 1170 vienna, at

Saturday 27.July 7p.m. – 10 p.m.
synkoop performance 01

at synkoop atelier | venediger au 4, 1020 Wien

william bilwa costa | margaret unknown
rosi rehformen | jasmin schaitl | christian schröder
christine schörkhuber | alexa vogt | carola fuchs
philip leitner | aiko kazuko kurosaki

2013: remains of space revisited
Saturday 13.July from 8p.m. on 
at mo.ë.
Thelemangasse 4, 1170 Vienna

Sunday 14.July 9 p.m. 
Performance “Sich-bar-keiten”
VALLEYFEST von Hills n’Valley
at Kubus Export
Lerchenfelder Gürtel / Bogen 48, Vienna

Performance Art Network Vienna (PAN Vienna)
goes to Month of Performance Art BerlinMPA-Berlin
May 20th till May 26th
@ L’Atelier KunstSpielRaum
Großbeerenstraße 34,
10965, Kreuzberg Berlin
vernissage: 6.March 20:00
exhibition: 7.3-27.3. 2013

Exhibition “je cherche un chambre”
Zeitraum, in: dasWERK
Neulerchenfelderstraße 6, Vienna
Organized by:
zzoo-vereinernissage: 6.March 20:00
exhibition: 7.3-27.3. 2013

UAMO Festival 2013
“Playtime”, Festival at Einstein Kultur,
Durational Performance by Jasmin Schaitl
“Escape Capsule”
Sat 23.2.2013, 19:00-22:00


Vernissage/opening: 22.11.2012
Durational Performance

“somewhere in between”
within the Exhibition “Hommage an mich”
Gallery Peithner Lichtenfels
Sonnenfelsgasse 6, 1020 Vienna AT

19th, 20th, 21st October 2012
Participation at 
DIMANCHE ROUGE #20 Performance Art Festival

Saturday 20th October, 2pm-2am
2pm-4pm workshops + round tables
4pm-midnight performances + After Party
Culture Factory Polymer,
Ülase 16 / Madara 22, Tallinn, Estonia

Sunday 21st October, 2-6pm
Kumu Art Museum,
Weizenbergi 34 / Valge 1, Tallinn, Estonia

SOLO-Exhibition and Live-Performance
The Autonomous Document – beyond its Origin

Vernissage: 12.September 2012 19:00
Ausstellungsdauer: 13.Sept – 10.Oktober
Öffnungszeiten – werden bekanntgegeben/nach Vereinbarung

Mi 12.September 2012, 20:30
Di 25. September 2012, 19:30

Praterstrasse 25
1020 Wien
Tuesday, 26th June 19:00
Exhibition The Essence 12
Künstlerhaus Wien
Performance 16.Juni 
Comment #12
Valie EXPORT Kubus Vienna AT
“Cube – Festivals for extensive Art”

Videoscreening 8. June
Just frame me – impersonate the order
Ausstellungseröffnung: Präsentation des Roten Teppich für junge Kunst
@ Valie EXPORT Kubus
Lerchenfelder Gürtel / Stadtbahnbogen 43,
Josefstädter Straße / Uhlplatz, 1080 Wien

Performance 6.Juni
Comment #12, durational Performance
Ausarten, Vienna AT

12th of May
Comment #12, Performance
Serendipity Gallery, (ACUD) MPA Open
Veteranenstrasse 21, Berlin Mitte

Erste Gruppenausstellung der PreisträgerInnen des Roten Teppichs 2012
Adresse: Luftbadgasse 1, 1060 Wien

Roter Teppich für junge Kunst
Jasmin Schaitl ist eine der Gewinnerinnen des diesjährigen Roten Teppich für junge Kunst. Das bedeutet: Viele Ausstellungen und Performances dieses (und die nächsten zwei) Jahre!
Wieder erlebbar machen.
Vom Dokument zur Repräsentation

24.Jänner und 26.Jänner 2012
jeweils 18:30, Universität für angewandte Kunst


16.November 2011
boys wear blue, girls pink
Performance Jasmin Schaitl Frame Stunt


Fucking Good Art
Schöne Kunst

Leipzig, Kuhturm
16.Oktober 18Uhr

Kunstraum Praline
Jasmin Schaitl
Marc de Maisonneuve
Felix von der Weppen
Lucie Kim
Stefan Wirnsperger

  1. August

Jasmin Schaitl bei PECHA KUCHA

zur Ansicht der Präsentation bei Pecha Kucha auf Youtube

Participation possibility

Artwork chosen for the project of Georgia Creimer, an Austrian-Brazilian Artist, for the Youth Olympic Games 2012, Linz.
The Artwork will be installed permanently.
Click here for the chosen artwork and more information about the project:

Intimate Space


Live Stream
17th + 18th of July, 19-21 hrs

TENT Rotterdam

Ein Bewegungs-spiel.
A motion play. Eine Kooperation von Bildetage (AUT) und TENT (NL).

Mittwoch 29.6.2011 19 Uhr
“Tease it out!” Ausstellungseröffnung

Jasmin Schaitl
Eva Haslauer
Anna Wahrbichler

Performance “Blickwechsel” von Jasmin Schaitl um 20:30.

Ausstellungsdauer 30.6 – 8.7.2011
täglich 18-20 Uhr

28.5.2011 Betrieb

Öffnungen der Angewandten.
06.06.2011 – 10.06.2011

Vernissage 6th of june 2011, 17:00 at the University of applied Arts