present/presence (body)

– May 2019, at ZABIH International Performance Festival, Lviv, UKR
– April 2019, at Ninos Consentidos No 6, Künstlerhaus Wien 1050, Brauchen und Haben in Wien, Vienna AT
– March 2019, La Cueva Sessions, Semperdepot Cellar, Vienna AT

The “present/presence” series consists of a growing number of works, each one visualizing the natural, transformative, and ephemeral characteristic of a ressource or material (e.g. air, humidity, meadow, earth, surface of skin) after an intervention by the artist.

The title of the series refers to Henry Lefebvres essaycollection Rhythmanalysis (H.Lefebvre, 1992)and his hypothesis about the common confusion of “presence” (not able to be represented but only able to be experienced in the moment) and “present” (sometimes seeming to be “presence”, but actually representing the presence through e.g. media).

In the one to one performance “present/presence (body)” the artist initiates an intimate dialogue, asking the visitor to think of and revisit one positive memory of their past. While the visitor is provided the frame to re-live this memory in their mind, the artist genlty presses a piece of wood, on one side being a haptic stamp, with written word “now” on it, on the visitors arm.

with the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Kiew
photo 1  Jasmin Schaitl
photo 2&3 by Myro Klochko