reciprocity (2021 – processed) & reciprocity (Blansko)

This project follows the artists long time research in how to create artistic, accessible, and inviting exhibition/performative frames that allow positive, autonomous, self-confident experiences for visitors to happen. The settings of these frames highlight, involve and focus on the sense of touch, performatvitiy, participation, and sharing something in the present moment.

This exhibition project is a continuation of the exhibited, site-specific sculpture form 2021, November, in Prague at Altan Klamovka Gallery. The site specific sculpture was offering visitors to take time and think of a positive memory they would like to bring back into the present moment. A numerous number of people took advantage of that offer and left their traces of joyful memories in form of an abstract piece of wire, placed on the sculpture, tagged with a date or just a keyword.

By visitors re-thinking a positive memory and meanwhile bending a piece of wire in their hands, they materialised something positive back into the space, staying aware of their actual process of bending by activated hands.

For this exhibition in Blankso City Gallery a year later, the first sculpture from 2021 was pressed into a compact cube. Before the pressing, the artist made a life-size shadow drawing of the sculpture, re-thinking, re-tracing, remembering its shape and volume before it got transformed into the archivable shape it has now.

The process of transformation is documented in this video below the photos.

All positive memories of the visitors were exhibited alongside the pressed cube, the shadow line drawing and the new site-specific wire-sculpture, that again invited the visitors to re-think, remember, and leave their trace through a bent piece a wire in the space.

exhibited in Blansko City Gallery, 2022

reciprocity (2021 – processed) (sculpture made in 2021, Altan Klamovka Prague CZ, transformed in 2022) 
memories of visitors (from exhibition in 2021, Altan Klamovka Prague CZ)
documenting states of and in transition (1. videodocumentation of reciprocity 2021 sculpture, 2. drawing of sculpture before pressing, memories of visitors from 2021) 
reciprocity II (new sculpture hung at Galeria Blansko CZ)

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