somewhere in between

2 hour durational performance
number of wishes: 23

performed: Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna. 21.11.2012

Movement – Stillness. Floor – Ceiling. Gravitation – Menspower. Ascend – Fall.
Polarity thinking is providing us frames of how we live, decide and think. Within these frameboardes, we are searching our individual way of live. The difficulty to find a balance between these contrary conditions is visualized in the performance. The balancing act of the performer, to stay strong enough to keep the own body in the air, and to even pull oneself up to the ceiling again and again, is covered by the lightness of swinging, an optical illusion.

The public isthe formgiving element in the performance. One person can write on two littel paperpieces. These papers are contextually counterparts. On one paper the person can write any individual aim, objective or wish. On the other one should be written the reason why the specific aim/objectiv is not fulfilled yet. One paperpiece (with the aim/objectiv in life) on a paperclip is given to the performer, the other one is placed by the person him/herself on a magnet on the floor. The performer is transporting the paper with the written aim to the top of the ceiling to its magnet-counterpart.

Throughout the two hours long performance, the people gave 23 wishes/paperpieces to the performer.

fotos by: Klaus Bock