volume #02





6500m of thread, glue
hollow sculpture, 205 x 40 x 45 cm

exhibition view: „time takes over“ solo exhibition, Galeria Entropia, Wroclaw PL,
April 2018

The sculpture „volume #02“ pushes the two-dimensional line into the space, thus, creating a fragile, hollow, thread object. Its inside and outside merge, while its emptiness within is exposed.

The object, in this case ‚the surface of an empty space‘, becomes visible only by accumulating and overlayering of one single material: thread. This large quantity of one material (6500m) allows the creation of something else than the material itself is, it transforms from the line into the form.

The scultpure is holding one single thread, which is connecting contextually the position of the sculpture with its materiality, and metaphysically the aspect of time, duration, with the present.

photos by Tim Plagemann


with the kind support of the Austrian Federal Chancellery, and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw.