performed twice in two different surroundings and conditions at: Begehungen “beyond the plots”, Art and Culture Festival, Chemnitz DE, August 2018

“circulate” is a several hour long performance, and an attempt to embody the permeability of the body with its natural environment. We roll slowly and open our senses as we experience the ground with nearly our complete body surface, smell it and maybe even taste it. However, the rolling also exemplifies an unfulfilled attempt at unifying and mending in the separation between humans and their natural environments. Indeed, the pain that can be experienced in our bodies relationship to hard or sharp surfaces reveals our separation.

Nevertheless, we value the practice of listening to this contradiction as a way to engage with our estrangement with nature. One of the intentions of the performance, is to offer the audience an opportunity to slow down and offer them a timeframe where they can witness this very meditative process, in all its states. In this way, we desire to provoke a shift of awareness in our audience and induce meditative states through this durational and minimised process.

photos and camera: Tim Plagemann