Re-experiencing Performance. From Documentation to Representation

Performance / Diploma Work

University of applied Arts, Vienna 24.01.2012

Wieder erlebbar machen is a representation of a performance, which was shown the first time two years ago by Jasmin Schaitl. Just frame me – impersonate the order (2010) was performed in the Künstlerhaus within the official program of „The Essence 2010“. The past performance should find a possiblity to be revived, relived and re-experienced, by viewing the piece Wieder erlebbar machen.

It is questioned, which types and modes of representation exist, to fulfill a re-experiencing of a past performance, without just reenacting it again. Through the use of documentation material, interviews played back on speakers and press releases, a performative narration can be observed. this leads to the content of Just frame me – impersonate the order, presented in a completely new way, but without loosing the original narration.

Representation, as a means to make a past performance for a new audience available, is in this performance not only a type of presenting documentation or showing archive material. Much more it is a specific representation including ephemerality, co-presence and duration, which are also part of each performative action. Therefore a re-experience seems to be achieved in this representation.

Fotos: Klaus Bock