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“Entering Continuities. Matěj Frank and Jasmin Schaitl”,

Editors: M. Frank, J. Schaitl
1. Edition, 2019, ATHENA-Verlag e.K., Oberhausen DE
ISBN: 978-3-7455-1084-3

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Excerpts of Texts:

In their collaborative, international and interdisciplinary projects, Jasmin Schaitl and Matěj Frank combine, interweave and further develop their working methods of performative drawing, installation and performance, discovering space and the present ‘now’ by leaving traces, remembering the ‘past’.
Ruth Mateus-Berr, (Social Designer, Artist, Researcher, Educator)

We reflect on their effort to draw attention to the necessity of inner concentration for a deeper experience of the secret of life, the stress put on the beauty of simple movements, the awareness and experience of present time. It is possible to see in their activity an emphasis on the return to simplicity and purity so distant from any opulence, showing off and wilful acts. Schaitl and Frank’s practice doesn’t describe, it merely hints gently; it’s reserved, simple, and gentle. It unfolds in time and at the same time makes time a theme.
Martin Klimeš, (Curator)

What they mostly develop through their practices is a sensitivity toward their surroundings. Their projects stimulate perceptiveness and empathy; they sharpen the senses and eventually lead to or motivate self-awareness in the middle of the present-day world. However, they don’t offer a possible explanation, even less so an understanding. They expect that the longing to enter the country behind the looking glass is inherent in each one of us.
Tomáš Knoflíček, (Curator, Art Historian)

SeMA NANJI Residency 11th catalogue
, Seoul Museum of Art,

Shin Suejin (art critique/curator, Seoul) about the exhibition of Jasmin Schaitl at SeMA NANJI, Seoul, South Korea, September 2017, full text here The abundance in emptiness 

„… Her work shows the will to pierce through the world of anguish of ‘form’, and arrive at the enlightenment of ‘emptiness’. Schaitl’s work awakens our consciousness through the senses, and pursues the balance and abundance in the coexistence of presence and absence. Thus, in a friendly yet firm voice, the artist asks those who forget to find meaning in the monotonously repetitive daily life, to rid themselves of their own doubts and skepticism. … “

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