Just frame me – impersonate the order


Künstlerhaus Vienna AT 23.06.2010
Forum Lundi, Belém BRA 03.12.2010

–> Read the published article by Barbara Putz-Plecko about
“Just frame me – impersonate the order”, performed at Künstlerhaus Wien, in EIKON Magazine #73

–> Read the online article by Margarete Sandhofer (artmagazine) about Jasmin Schaitl’s performance and “The Essence 10” here


The video projection of my person, the torso formed after my body, and myself create the format for the performance. The torso is the static connection between the projection and the performer.

During the performance, the projection disrobes itself and positions the shirts behind the torso. The performer takes the fabrics from behind the torso and dresses itself with it.

Within these movement cycles, the three levels of representation develop a certain relation. There is a coordinated order, with an implemented discontinuity of communication.

photos by Barbara Graf