collaboration #15

30 min performance
materials: metal chop sticks, thread, metronome

performed:  Galeria Raczej, PERFEX program, Poznań, PL, October 10th, 2014,

collaboration #15 consists of three action in four distinct spaces within a space, where audience can move freely. It focuses on distance, proximity, and tempo.

Two performers begin in two separate locations on either side of a space. They are facing each other, but with a two walls and a big open stairway between them, so they can’t see each other. They both begin holding a chopstick in front of them. They both drop a chopstick “simulatneoulsy”, take one step to their left and repeat. This creates a line of chopsticks on the floor.

They break and move to a corridor, where there is spool of thread, one metal chopstick, and a fluorescent light bar floating 30 cm from floor. The two performers begin in center, facing each other, and slowly walk backwards away from one another. They are unraveling the thread. They break the thread and, simultaneously, drop it to floor. They repeat this actions several times.

They move to the final location, a stairway which can be seen by audience from top, bottom, and front. On the wall there are two panels, which are remnants from a previous performance, and a metronome. They start metronome and stand, gazing at each other in close proximity, for five minutes.

with the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw