collaboration #11

one hour performance
materials: coal, wood, bricks, tape, waxed crayon

performed: Kura Festival, Kutna-Hora-Sedlec, CZ, April 19th 2014,

collaboration #11 focuses on breaking existing lines, and creating new lines, in a space over the course of one hour. The performance consists of five actions.

1: Two artists re-organize wooden lines from their beginning points, creating a perimeter for performance space.
2: One artist draws a line with a black waxed crayon across three bricks, which are being moved by the second artist. The bricks are constantly placed behind another as the crayon moves over their surfaces, creating the drawing of a never ending line.
3: Standing over a black coal line on floor, two artists stretch black tape to various
distances, and lean back until it brakes.
4: Stretching black plastic tape to various distances, two artists circle around the center of the space, breaking the black coal line with their dragging feet.
5: Two artists take turns re-organizing wooden lines, creating and breaking lines in the space.

videostills Jasmin Schaitl