collaboration #10

30 min performance
materials: coal, contact mics, wood

performed: 3 duos, Schneiderhof, Vienna AT, March 14th, 2014

collaboration #10 focuses on the sustained eye contact between two performers while slowly varying their proximity and distance. It starts with the two artists, standing four meters apart from each other, on a white sheet of paper. They approach each other, and meet in the middle, on a one meter square sized wood. This wood is amplified with contact mics and has two piles of coal prepared on it. The artists start moving slowly, keeping the same distance from each other, dragging their feet over one pile of coal, creating a circle.

After rotating three times, they take two steps off the wood, and meet again in the very center of the wood, where the second pile of coal is positioned. They start rotating in the center, in very close proximity, before stepping off again. The action leaves behind a gradiant (black to white) installation with black coal, on white surface.

photos by Mayumi Arai and Severin Koller