collaboration #09

3 hour performance
materials: coal, thread

performed: Vienna LABseries, Schaukasten, December 8th, Vienna, 2013

collaboration #09 focuses on simultaneous actions, and the point where these actions phase, oscillate, and/or conjoin. Using thread and coal, the two performers repeat the actions of either pulling thread through themselves or shaving coal into powder. They are alternating standing still and moving towards, or away from, one another within a 200 cm x 70 cm black rectangle. The duration is 3 hours.

Accompanied by a metronome, the performance is sectioned in three parts; each has a different tempo. Section One is 90 minutes in duration and the metronome is set at 90 BPM, Section Two is 60 minutes at 60 BPM, and Section Three is 30 minutes at 120 BPM. The metronome is used to structure the ambient sounds from outside and from the adjacent restaurant.

The final installation is a pile of white thread covered by black coal powder on a black rectangle, a clock, a light in the corner, and a still metronome.

Lab Series was supported by Bundeskanzleramt Österreich and Finnish Embassy in Vienna
photos by Andrea Lehsiak