time (1) time (2) – installation

site-specific installation

Gottfrei Gallery, Opava, CZ
curated by Martin Klimes (Bludny Kamen)
group exhibition “Předtím, teď, potom”
20 Sept – 20 Oct, 2015

collaboration: 2 time(s) is an installation comprised of six metronomes covered in thread, six metal chopsticks, and two videos. The videos with sound are edited recordings from two live performances, which took place in the same space as the installation. The objects are remnants from these two performances. Both performances were repetitive, durational, sound-based actions.

collaboration: 2 time(s) is an installation that addresses time, both in the present and once removed. The materials, sound, and video are both documentation and sources for a new work.

with the kind support of the
Austrian Cultural Forum Prague,
Bludny Kamen and Gottfrei.