time (1) and (2)


2 performances for video

performed: 16th and 17th September 2015, Gottfrei, “Předtím, teď, potom” exhibition, Opava CZ

curated by
Martin Klimes (Bludny Kamen)

– online article (in czech) from Martin Klimes about time (1) and time (2)

time (1)

duration: 2 hours
materials: metal chopsticks


Two performers create a panning “shower” of sound, through the action of throwing metal chopsticks against two opposite walls. When one chooses to pause, they throw the chopsticks to the opposite wall. This prompts the other performer to enter and perpetuate the “shower”. The chopsticks range in pitch, constantly causing a slight tonal change in the shower. The sound is constant, but varies in timing and intensity.


time (2)

duration: 2 hours
materials: metronomes, thread

Performer 1 sets six metronomes into motion, one by one, at various tempos. Their sounds combine, creating a dense wall of polyrhythms. Performer 2 enters and stands behind a metronome. She slowly unravels a spool of thread, covering the metronome, until it stops. She continues this action, until all six metronomes stand still and silent. What remains are six metronomes “cocooned” in thread.

photos by Jakub Frank 
remnant photos by Jasmin Schaitl


with the kind support of the
Austrian Cultural Forum Prague,
Bludny Kamen and Gottfrei.