collaboration #22

30 min performance
materials: fabric, color, ribbon

performed: 20th June, FWD>>Nr.16 – 4.Internationales Performanceartfestival, Noseland/Switzerland CH

photos by Rob Nienburg

collaboration #22 was a three part performance which took place outdoors, in a green field surrounded by woods.

The performance began with the two performers standing,10 meters apart, facing each other.

The audience was approx. 200 meters downhill and began to walk uphill to the performers.

On the ground was a 10m x 50cm white fabric, which the audience couldn’t see until they came closer. The performers slowly walked and met in the center of the fabric, bringing a pool of black ink to the surface. They repeated the action of walking backwards and forwards, away from the center and each other, creating a black line with each step.

The two performers walked further up the hill until they reached a grove of trees. They began an repetitive, duo action, which left the trees wrapped with a thin, white ribbon.

After they completed wrapping the entire length of the ribbon, the duo walked away from the installation and joined the audience. Together they watched as the lines of white ribbon fluttered in the wind, creating a flickering visual effect. The installation remained throughout the festival.