Excuse my Dust – one on one

collaborative project of Christina Raab and Jasmin Schaitl

One-on-one performance with a piece of fabric by Jasmin Schaitl
December 7th, frei_raum MQ, transfashional, Vienna AT

Excuse my Dust – one on one was a further developement from the previous durational performance, performed in Ujazdowski Castle in May 2017. With the idea, of providing the audience a haptic experience of the transformational process of “Excuse my Dust Process” developed by Raab, Jasmin Schaitl transformed this performance into an intimate one-on-one setting.

The intention was, to let the audience find a space to focus on only one thing, one action, in collaboration with the artist, and therefore get a deeper conciousness of the materiality and fragility which lies in the textile industry and is surrounding us everyday.

Description for the audience before entering the space:
– Each audience member was invited to enter the performance setting for a period of 5 minutes.
– As it is a one-on-one performance, only one person at a time could enter the room.
– For your 5 minute one-on-one performance, you could choose which ‘action with the fabric’ is realized by the performer.
– You where invited but not obliged to collaborate with the performer in this hands-on setting.

photos by Markus Dörfler of one of the one-on-one performances