collaboration #18

1 hour performance in 2 parts
materials: pulverized coal, paper, thread, chopstick

performed: February 21st and 22nd, 2015, Mobius, Tinderbox Series, Boston, US
performers: Jasmin Schaitl, William “Bilwa” Costa, Sara June, Yuka Takahashi


collaboration #18 is a two-part performance focused on expansion and contraction, proximity and distance, and the remnants left from these actions.

Two performers begin standing in a pile of pulverized coal, on either end of a 3m x 1m white paper on floor. One performer has a spool of thread on a metal chopstick in hand. They walk to meet in the center, leaving a trail of coal. The performer without the spool holds the end of the thread and the walk backwards, away from each other. When they reach the end of paper, the performer holding the spool breaks the thread, they pause, and then simultaneously drop the thread to the paper. This is repeated for 30 minutes, leaving a “drawing” of thread and coal lines on the paper.

The next day another sheet of paper, with coal piles, is added to the installation, creating a cross. Working in two duos, the four performers begin to execute the same 30 minute score. The addition of the second duo adds complexity and density to the performance.


photos 1-3 by Marilyn Arsem
others by John Rice, Jasmin Schaitl

with the kind support of the
Austrian Federal Chancellery Section Art