collaboration #17

1 hour performance
materials: threads, metronome, fishing reel, chainballs

 performed: February 12th, 2015, Panoply Performance Laboratory, New York, US


collaboration #17 is a one-hour performance, which incorporates two simultaneous scores, that focus on height, width, depth, and tempo.

One performer begins walking back and forth along the white wall in the back of the space.

Using black thread, he creates a black line. He will eventually end this task and move to the front of the space, where there is a fishing reel with black tread. He begins walking backwards, creating a diagonal line. After the line is complete,and fixed to the wall, he moves to a metal chain ball length, which is hanging from ceiling. He slowly begins pulling the chain balls and they gradually unravel from ceiling and compile into a metal bowl on floor. as the end of the length nears, the chain balls come faster from ceiling until the end.

At the same time, another performer executes a series of jumping up and down. Each time she moves to a different place, begins a metronome at varying tempos, and gradually begins jumping, sometimes with arms up and sometimes down. Each time she gradually gains, and then gradually looses, momentum.

photos by Rae Goodwin and Jasmin Schaitl

with the kind support of the
Austrian Federal Chancellery Section Art