collaboration #13

one hour performance
materials: velcro, wood, contact mics, metal plates, metal balls

performed: September 27th, 2014, Quiet Cue, Berlin

collaboration #13 is a sound/movement performance score and installation. The room is prepared with four panels covererd with either white or black Velcro. Two performers are standing across the room from each other. Each is facing a panel.

They begin the simultaneous action of: detaching single strips of the positive Velcro, from one board, walking across the room, and applying the strip to another board. As they detach the strips from the board, small metal balls fall onto a metal sheet on the floor below. Each panel is amplified using a contact mic, and sound system. The audience watches the performers pan back and forth at varying tempos and listen to the sounds of the duo walking, the balls falling, and the amplified Velcro.

photo by Nicolas Wiese