collaboration #05

3 hour performance
material: thread

performed: Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki FI, October 20th, 2013

collaboration #05 focuses on the complex, complementary, parallel, and reciprocal relationship between two artists, and their actions, during a durational performance.

The action consists of two artists standing one meter apart facing each other. Each artist is pulling a single thread, one black and one white, through his or her self. The threads meet and combine, creating a growing pile in-between the two artists. Each artist supports the other, by changing the tempo, rhythm and velocity of the repeated action. These changes –which are improvised– also alter the visual affect of the action. For example, if one artist moves rapidly, while the other moves slowly, a floating “pile“ effect occurs.

photos by Sari Kivinen, John W. Fail, Jasmin Schaitl