collaboration #04

6 hour performance
materials: wire, pulverized coal, contact mics, ball chain, metal bow

performed: Apartment Project Berlin. DE, October 6th, 2013

collaboration #04 focuses on the complex, complementary, parallel, and reciprocal relationship between two artists, and their actions, during a durational performance. Each artist supports the other, sometimes as an anchor, other times as a source of momentum, like a pendulum or metronome.

The two artists are connected, with long thin wires, to each other and a wall. The wires are connected to contact microphones, rendering the entire surface active and amplified. The wires are also played with a metal bow and every draw from the bow produces vibration “through” the other artist. The tension of the wire is manipulated by both artists’ bodies, also changing the sound quality with every movement.

One artist pulls a ball chain through her shirt and drapes it onto the wires and is able to move back and/or forth, while the other is able to move left and/or right. In addition, the action of the performance is simultaneously creating a “drawing”, using pulverized coal, with their feet. The space is being transformed continuously.

Photos by: Göksu Kunak, Berk Asal