Co- (lines)

2 hour durational performance
performed: Gelegenheiten, Berlin, 20th September 2014

Conceived by William “Bilwa” Costa and Jasmin Schaitl, Co- (lines) is the second in a series of performances that address: repetition, simultaneity, and duration; and focus on the point where actions phase, oscillate, and/or conjoin.

William “Bilwa” Costa (US)
Jasmin Schaitl (AT)
Sonja Heller (DE)
Elma Riza (FR/DE)
Aya Imamura (JP/DE)
Mayumi Arai (JP/AT) www.
Juan Carlos Duarte (MX/FI)

Co- (lines) is a two hour, site-relative performance structure that focuses on the topic “lines”. Artists of various disciplines including: dance, sound, performance, media, and fine arts, will perform their individual scores/actions. Some will move throughout the space, while others remain in a single location. Remnants, sound, and actions will gradually blend together, creating a, seemingly, single performance. The audience is free to move around the entire space, allowing for personal, compositional choices and experience.


photos by Klaus Bock