Co- (in 3 parts)

3 hour durational performance

performed: nadaLokal, Vienna, 27th April 2014
with: William “Bilwa” Costa, Jasmin Schaitl, Camila Seeger, Elisabeth Schilling, Edith Mendoza Pacheco, Franziska Koppensteiner.

Co- (in 3 parts) is a time and theme based, research and performance structure.

Based on the collaborative practice of William “Bilwa” Costa and Jasmin Schaitl, Co- (in 3 parts) addresses repetition, simultaneity, and duration; and focuses on the point where actions phase, oscillate, and/or conjoin.

The public performance began at 19:00 and lasted for exactly 60 minutes. The audience arrived to an “already in progress” performance af a 3 hour structure, witnessing only the third hour of structure.

photos and videos by Mayumi Arai