The Touch Can Tell

Concept, Performance: Jasmin Schaitl (AT), Tereza Silon (CZ)
in collaboration with: Imani Rameses (US/AT)
Soundcomposition: excerpt of Ungleich ist der Welten Lohn by Christian Konrad Schröder (AT)

Together, Jasmin and Tereza collaboratively contemplate touch as a tool and a method for triggering and affecting memory and generating empathy. This performative process seeks to understand forms of intelligence and thinking beyond brain-centred cognition, framed within a material and a sensorial world. We research what human touch on another body induces, specifically, considering our momentary state of mind, and our embodied memories, patterns, experiences and their constellations. Our skin is the largest organ equipped with thousands of receptors and is imbued with innate intelligence. What does closeness mean in and for itself? Considering touch and sharing of proximity: Where is touch located and perceived, and where does one begin and end as an individual? 

mentoring and creative coaching by Bert Gstettner (AT)
outside eye: Melanie Maar (US/AT)

co-produced by Tanz*Hotel, Vienna AT
photos by Martina Stapf