tasks | Vienna (showing)

a site-relative, movement and acoustic sound performance, for four performers
duration: 30 mins.

performed: 4. 5. and 6. December 2015, Tanz*Hotel Vienna AT
Performers: Jasmin Schaitl, William “Bilwa” Costa, Michaela Dueñas Vega, and Anne Glassner

Artistic Direction, Concept, Choreography: Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa

with the kind support of Tanz*Hotel and artistic advice of Bert Gstettner.

tasks is an interdisciplinary, site-relative performance, with an equal emphasis on movement, dance, acoustic sound, and visual elements. Through its minimalism, tasks sharpens the focus on fine details, making them more visible and audible, allowing an audience time to fully perceive and reflect upon single moments. This micro-focus offers a frame in which one can create an individual understanding of the performance.

tasks explores the visual and sonic correlation between proximity – distance and expansion – contraction. The performers work with their bodies, materials, and the space, to create patterns, shapes, images, and sound. They alternate between movement-based tasks and task-based movements, continuously transforming their relation towards each other and the space.

is developed according to the space and the number of performers, making each performance unique.

Fotos  Ernst Grünwald @ Tanz*Hotel / AAR Term 11