entering continuities

exhibition: June 26 – July 7, 2017, Matiční Dům, Opava, CZ
collaborative works with Matěj Frank (CZ/PL)

In this collaborative, interdisciplinary exhibition- and performanceproject Jasmin Schaitl and Matěj Frank (CZ/PL) combine, interweave and together further developed their working methods of performative drawing, installation and performance. As visual artists, with high interest in performance and performative and multimedia practices, their process consists of a collaborative exchange, rather than a solo-work. They perceive this as a fruitful chance to exchange and create something new out of existing material.

curated by Jakub Frank

realized with the kind support of
Austrian Cultural Forum Prague,
Bludny Kamen
Matěj Frank (CZ/PL) works deal with a space in relation to time, motion, body and sound. Although the base of his work lays in sculpture, he moves across different media, such as performance, drawing or sound art.