collaboration #20

20 min performance
material: chopsticks

performed: March 6, 2015, H-O-T Series, Mascher Space, Philadelphia, USA
performer: Amy Jean Jacobs, Julie Verdone, Jasmin Schaitl, William “Bilwa” Costa


collaboration #20 is a 20 minute, task-based movement score for a four performers.

Each performer begin in standing, in a different locations, facing the center, maintaining a gaze with another performer across the space.They are each holding 16 metal chopsticks in their left hands.

Performer 1 begins walking, very slowly towards the center, gradually dropping chopsticks, which create sounds. After 5 minutes, Performer 2 begins a “chopstick shower” by vigorously and consistently throwing her chopsticks against a wall. She ends, walks to corner, and begins same score as Performer 1. At 10 minute mark, Performer 3 begins a “chopstick shower” on a metal wall. She ends, walks to corner and then begins same score as Performer 2, but at a faster pace. At 15 minute mark, Performer 4 begins the same score as Performer 3, but at and faster pace. At 20 minute mark all performers are facing each other in the center of space, and drop the final chopsticks, simultaneously.


 with the kind support of Austrian Federal Chancellery Art Section